Fela Kuti Agreement

Fela used the phrase “no agreement” in the same way that Malcolm X used “no flames, no compromises, no balances.” Fela`s text says he will never make peace with Nigeria`s corrupt and brutal military regime. “I don`t agree that my brother is hungry, I don`t speak, I don`t agree with the fact that my brother is unemployed, I don`t speak, I don`t agree that my brother should be homeless so that I don`t speak… no agreement today, no deal tomorrow, no deal now, later, never. Side two, the instrumental “Dog Eat Dog”, contains a Post-Bitches Brew, Miles Davis-ish Trompetesolo, which was probably played by the entire art of the Lester Bowie of Chicago. Bowie spent a few months in Lagos recording the album (during Festac in 1977) and participated in 70 recording sessions in Africa. Undeniably beautiful and groovige music. Hailu Mergia is a master of his craft. A living legend. bnoble86 A fluid progression of `The New Breed`; Suite for Max Brown is a well-mounted body of sonic happiness. Parker provides a deeply meditative record that reassures the soul with a visceral atmosphere, meditative strokes and swirled rhythms with a digital turn. Whyfisucks. Reissued for the first time as part of the Kuti Box fela kit #4 2018 by Erykah Badu. Originally published by Decca Afrodisia.

. . . . Order (estimated shipping between 1-3 business days) . . “No Agreement” was sometimes overlooked by Felas` 1977 publications, overshadowed by albums such as “Johnny Just Drop (J.D.) ” and “Sorrow Tears and Blood”, but it was one of his best albums of the time. It contains a remarkable Africa 70 instrumental, “Dog Eat Dog”. The track contains a solo by American trumpeter Lester Bowie of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, who was at Fela`s in Lagos at the time. Knitting Factory Records reinvents Fela Kutis` “No Agreement” on vinyl, so far only available as part of the Box Set series.