Lax Community Benefits Agreement

Read the text of the Oakland Army Base Jobs Agreements: These many advantages reflect the very broad coalition that collaborated in the CBA negotiation. The coalition, conducted through negotiations between Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, LAANE and Coalition L.A., included more than 30 different community groups and unions, as well as hundreds of people involved. These successful negotiations show what communities of power have when they cooperate and support each other`s agendas. In 2004, the Milwaukee City Council finally voted against an attack on a CBA in its part of East Land Park. However, the Milwaukee County Council recognized the value of adding standards for the development of the 16-hectare East Corridor Park under its control and approached the coalition to develop a broad agreement on municipal benefits, the East Redevelopment Park (PERC). Project CIM CBA (San Jose, CA): Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA) and a broad coalition of service unions, construction, small businesses, environmental lawyers, neighborhood groups and child care advocates received the following commitments in the amended development agreement in 2003 for the $140 million multi-use CIM project in San Jose. The project receives a grant of approximately $40 million from the San Jose Rehabilitation Agency. Hollywood and Highland CBA (Los Angeles, CA): negotiated in May 1999 by the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE). The agreement was one of the first to establish strong commitments in hiring and organizing field work. SunQuest CBA (Los Angeles, CA): SunQuest Industrial Park is a 33-hectare industrial project planned for the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The project was based on the sale of urban land and benefited from the city`s obligation to clean up toxic waste from the construction zone.

A CBA for the project was signed in October 2001 by the developer and the Valley Jobs Coalition, a coalition of community groups led by LAANE during the negotiations. Benefits of the CBA include: Bayview-Hunters Point CBA (San Francisco, CA): In late May 2008, the San Francisco Laboratory Council, ACORN and the San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) reached a community complacency agreement on a major development project in San Francisco`s Bayview-Hunters Point. As part of the CBA, Lennar, a national housing developer, agreed that, if the project progresses, Lennar: Lorenzo Project CBA (Los Angeles, CA): negotiated in February 2011 between the developer of the Project Lorenzo Mixed Use in South Los Angeles and the UNAIDD Coalition, this agreement provides for 7,500 square meters in the municipal health services and funding project for health care and services beyond , targeted rental and living wages. The KBA has detailed oversight and enforcement rules that allow coalition members to implement these benefits and hold responsible parties to account. The 2005 City Council decision, which created the BeltLine Tax Allocation (TAD) district, included several public service principles that do not apply to a single project, but to each project within the Beltline Rehabilitation Zone. In 2002, the city of Milwaukee had an incredible opportunity to redefine its downtown: the city ran down an elevated highway and brought 64 hectares of untapped first-class properties to the surface.