When Group Members Strive For Agreement

It is important to note that while groupthing and conformity are similar and related concepts, there are important differences between the two. Groupthing involves the decision-making process. While groupthing can generate consensus, it is by definition a negative phenomenon that leads to erroneous or misinformed thinking and decision-making. Some of the problems this can cause are: 1 Groupthining When group members strive to reach an agreement (standard for unanimity), fail to realistically evaluate alternative options for action A way for a group to protect its positive image (extremely high in cohesion) Rose JD. Various Perspectives on Groupthing Theory – A Literary Critique. Emerging leadership pathways. 2011;4(1):37-57. On the other hand, compliance is a process in which people change their own actions so that they can fit into a particular group. Compliance can sometimes provoke groupthing, but it`s not always the motivator. How teams work. Maintenance tasks and needs  Task activities – Any activity that a team member pronounces and contributes to the group`s performance goal.  Why does groupthing occur? Think about the last time you were part of a group, maybe during a school project. Imagine someone suggesting an idea that you think is bad enough.

Groupthing may not always be easy to spot, but there are a few signs that it`s present. There are also certain situations where this may be more likely to happen. Janis has identified a number of different “symptoms” that suggest groupthing.6 Ways to minimize groupthingEmpter on group isolation Bringing in external experts An example JFK Critical evaluators/Devil`s Advocate The role is to challenge assumptions and undisputed information The open climate leader invites deviant thinking and avoids being directive Strong leaders speak last or sometimes not the cerveauto rming is a simple and effective way to generate ideas in a group. It starts with a moderator defining the problem or topic. Then each team member beats the ideas alternately or when ideas arise, and those ideas are written on a blackboard or flipchart. Team members should not criticize or evaluate an idea during the brainstorming session. Once the team has generated the ideas, the group refines the list by asking for explanations, combining the ideas, and prioritizing the ideas from the most effective to the least effective when needed. Multiple voting can reduce a list that contains a large number of items to a manageable number. .